10 April 2010

Should Taxpayers foot the bill for rescued Hiker, what do you think?

For some dumb reason, I can't link the AP story about New Hampshire.

Anyway, the jest of it is that NH was going to bill a hiker for his rescue in the tune of $25K. The hiker, hurt his ankle, got off the trail and state had to search for him for 3 days. The hiker eventually paid $1000, but who should pay the rest of the bill?

What do you think? Should taxpayers pay for rescues of hikers who get lost?

Do a Google search on AP for the full story.

1 comment:

  1. I think that it is more complicated some people are really stupid about hiking and getting lost and some people there are more legitimate reasons why they need to get rescued like if you were hiking and yo ugot really injured or got mauled by an animal and you need help. People that go out and don't have any skills or maps compus I think that they need to get the bill. I think that water rescues should be government and I don't think that they should be charged. I think that it is absolutely rediculous that this person is getting charged 25K to get rescued if he was oviously in destress.