13 April 2010

NERR a success

yep, just got home from the annual road trip to the NERR conference held for that past 15 plus years at the Sagamore. Researchers from 29 states and a half a dozen countries braved the pleasant spring weather to give talks on recreation themed topics. Besides the typically outdoor recreation and management sessions, there were papers on diverse populations, climate change, planning and partnerships, ecotourism and a lot more!

Maybe you can go next year?


  1. WOW this seems like it was a lot of fun. Is it up for the public to go or is it for faculty and staff memebers only? I think that this seems like a lot of fun and yo utalk about a lot of things that i am interested in so I hope that there are some things to talk about in class.

  2. The NERR conference is open to faculty, students and park managers. Maybe you can go next year?

    BTW: many of the readings for our course come from this conference!