15 March 2010

top 10 Spring Break Destinations


here is my top ten destinations for college students:

10. Working at home to earn money for school

9. Backpacking somewhere on a trail

8. Some ski resort to get that last bit of snow before it all melts

7. Orlando, Fl, where the kiddies can't go since they are still in school

6. Las Vegas, since a $29 room and $4 buffet can't be beat

5. Habitat for Humanity Project

4. South Padre Island since everything is big in Texas

3. Jamaica, Red Stripe and ganja

2. Acapulco, for all the west coast students that don't want to get mugged in Tijuana

1. Cancun, since after poor season last year due to the Swine Flu scare, Hurricane damage and the crappy economy, Mexico can't be beat.

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