11 January 2010

Jury Duty and Larry Buchanan

Yep, what does Jury Duty have to do with Recreation Geography? Well, not much except for the need to pass the time waiting. I took a book to read and thank goodness. I mean, they had some old Consumer Reports to read and a bunch of some kind of country music or something magazines to look over.

I settled for my book on the Films of Larry Buchanan. Who is this guy? Well he is known for grade Z films such as The Eye Creatures, Zontar, the Thing from Venus and Mars Needs Women. With titles like this you know you are in for a treat of mindless entertainment.

That is the recreation part of it.

So folks, if you get called for Jury Duty, remember to take something along to read. I'd might recommend:

Craig, R. (2007) The Films of Larry Buchanan. McFarland Press.

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