29 October 2009

Night of the Living Dead TONIGHT

folks, I am showing Night of the Living Dead tonight at the WSC Campus Center at 9 pm. Direct from a 16mm print, it has all the scratches and hisses you remember when you saw this at a Midnight showing 30 years ago.

Great fun!

25 October 2009

Medical Tourism Bibliography updated

we're up to 174 references on Medical Tourism on our web page (http://www.wsc.ma.edu/medicaltourism) See the links page. We are working hard on the paper for Tourism Review, so some more data should be published shortly.

I guess we could have found one more to make it 175, but hey, that's for the next update!

20 October 2009

sure you should give out Candy ...

Halloween is all about kids. And some kids are pretty old. So while you might give out those candy bars to the neighborhood kids, don't forget about taking some good food to your local food pantry. Just "google" your town and "food pantry" and I am sure you will find a pantry needing your can of soups, mac and cheese, canned veggies and other non-perishable food items.

11 October 2009

MT Greylock Ramble Columbus Day 2009

Yep, I can't imagine a better day to be out hiking. The weather will be crisp, and the views aplenty. So head on up to Mt. Greylock, Massachusetts tallest on Columbus Day 2009 and go for a hike.

06 October 2009

Great Outdoors America report available

A free report can be downloaded from http://www.orrgroup.org/report.html. This report is published by the Outdoor Resources Review Group and worth some time reading. It has been some time since a large scale report was written (with the exception of Forest Service documents). Maybe the last was the President's Commission on American Outdoors (1986 and available on Amazon for $1.79!) Check it out.

05 October 2009