20 September 2009

Nuttin' like a bad SCI FI film to round out the summer

So folks, you see, we show 16mm films in the backyard. Typically these are classic Drive-in favorites that you probably saw from your parent's car in the sixties or seventies. You know the type, films that have monsters that either make your skin crawl, or the kind that make you brake out in laughter. Well, anyway, last night, we showed "The Brain that Wouldn't Die", a classic that I picked up from Greg out in Sinister Cinema. (check out his website for thousands of titles on VHS or DVD, see http://www.sinistercinema.com/).

What a way to wrap up the summer. It was chilly last night so folks went after the hot tea and coffee over the cold drinks.
I wonder how many people show 16mm films in their backyard during the summer. I bet a lot!

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