31 July 2009

it's hot in the Turks and Caicos

duh, of course it is hot. The sun is over head, and except for coconuts, the tallest vegetation is one meter high so there is no shade. According to a sample of one, tourism is at 90% of what it normally might be. Lots of new construction, but lots of empty new stores.

The on-site phase of the recreation experience.

28 July 2009

the On-site phase of the recreation experience

So we have thought about our trip, traveled to it and now we are here (or there). Folks typically think that this is the trip, but the anticipation phase and travel to phase are darn important.

Enjoy the experience, try something new, greet new people and you will find that there are good people all around the world (or country if you haven't picked up that passport). Enjoy the moment.

25 July 2009

The travel to phase of the recreation experience

I got really good at reading this map while in Vienna. The abstraction of Subway Maps is an Art.

Funny thing, I bought a day pass my first day there and never used it. They have some kind of honor system there. But if you get caught without a ticket there is a big fine to pay.

21 July 2009

International Visitor Spending in the United States Down Markedly in May

No kidding. And to boot, I was at the post office yesterday waiting in line behind a woman trying to get a Passport in less than 3 weeks. Come on folks, don't wait until the last moment to get the paperwork going. The post 911 period means more difficult travel for all. ESPECIALLY for our foreign guests. So "travel to US is down."

18 July 2009

The Anticipation Stage of the recreation experience

We can thank Clawson and Knetsch (1966) for describing the entire recreation experience in five unique stages. Let's start with the anticipation stage. Here people of planning the trip, scouring over tour books and maps, making travel arrangements and getting prepared for the experience.

Travel books are a great way to explore the world from your arm chair. And so is Google Earth.

Even if you are not traveling, consider thinking about it. It will be fun.

17 July 2009

Finally summer here in the Northeast!

Unlike those folks in the midwest, that are enjoying triple digit temps (see http://blogs.wlfi.com/2009/07/02/wlfi-climate-summary-for-june-2009/) summer finally arrived yesterday with warm temps and the humidity. Ahhhh the humidity. Now all we need is the steamed crabs for a great Maryland picnic.

16 July 2009

Been a tad lazy the last couple of days

as I get ready for my fall classes. I'm teaching Physical Geography and Quantitative Methods. It has been five years since Phys. Geog and about three for Quant. So I am re-learning much of the subjects and having a blast.

12 July 2009

Skype is my friend

Well, I really want to thank the Skype folks for allowing me to speak with my wife whilst 4000 miles away (six time zones). Every evening at 11 pm my time I would call my wife (5 pm her time) to chat and talk about each others' day. And all for free! Thanks Skype!

07 July 2009

NOT Michael Jackson news

If you rely on CNN or BBC for news, you would believe the entire world lives for MJ. At least EURONEWS only displayed the service as an inset window while they reported REAL news.

For recreation geography news today, I presented our research on the sustainability of health tourism at the 15th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management.
See our website for additional information (www.wsc.ma.edu/medicaltourism).

More news from a sample of the conference delegates indicates that travel to the ISSRM next year in Texas will likely be low since foreign nationals face numerous hurdles. While the Vancouver conference had record numbers, the US places so many restrictions for our society and natural resources guests, that some simply say "screw it."

Aren't we welcoming?

06 July 2009

ISSRM in full force

Ok, we had a great time last night in the Rathous (City Hall). Definitely not in Kansas anymore.

While riots in China and Hondurus and other places continue, it is nice to find a group of academics working together to link the social sciences with the natural sciences.

These are my current thoughts before I head to the poster session at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences.

03 July 2009

Light travel this 3rd of July

A TSA guy at BDL said he heard on CNN that holiday traffic was done 64%. From what I see at BDL and RDU, he is right. BTW, RDU is a nice brand new, clean and fairly small airport. I'd fly through again.

Take care and have a safe fourth of july!

02 July 2009

at least 36 papers on recreation at ISSRM 2009

I did a quick search by title using the word "recreation" and found 36 papers with the recreation in the title. From my experience, this conference is heavily attended by recreation and tourism folks and this small number may not accurately total the interest. Check it out to see the research presented at http://www.issrm09.info/