06 April 2009

Westfield River Whitewater Races!

A fantastic day yesterday on the river. A friend joined me for one of the Westfield River canoe clinics and we paddled down the river. Great air temps; not too cold and not too warm! The river was flowing about normal. See <http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/rt> for the stream flow information of your favorite river and get out this spring.

The Westfield River Whitewater Races are the oldest continuously run can race in the US. See this website <http://www.westfieldriverraces.com/>for details about the race and photos!

So for the recreation geography part we have some guys, paddling their canoe on the Westfield River (people participating in some activity at some resource).

Maybe I'll see you canoe day on Saturday 18 April 2009!

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